After-sales service

NEUWALME has an after-sales service department, with highly qualified technicians and engineers ready to operate anywhere in the world.

NEUWALME services include, but are not limited to: repair and overhaul, modifications, inspections, cleaning, commissioning, testing and certification, offshore support and spare parts management.

Our unique combination of specialised knowledge, practical experience and teamwork is unrivalled. 

We solve short-term problems and provide future-proof solutions to avoid unnecessary malfunctions of self-made or third-party equipment. You can always rely on our professional support, whether on demand or under contract.

Repairs and reviews

Our highly qualified and expert service and repair engineers can provide repair and overhaul services for any brand of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, manifold, accumulators, winches or any other hydraulic equipment.


As first-party manufacturers, we have extensive knowledge of how hydraulic systems are built, so naturally we also offer commissioning services. Our team of technicians and service engineers are trained, certified and qualified to carry out all services and keep your installation running smoothly. Our many years of experience allow us to take care of any hydraulic installation in any industry, onshore and offshore alike.


Correct maintenance improves the uptime, durability and safety of hydraulic systems. Our team of service professionals has a proven track record of years of experience in hydraulic equipment maintenance. NEUWALME offers all types of maintenance, from standard maintenance requests to fully bespoke maintenance schedules, including online condition monitoring services. Our extensive experience spans a wide variety of industries and sectors.


Clean hydraulic systems operate more reliably for longer. Flushing is typically used to clean a hydraulic system and to remove dirt, water, mud, and any other contamination.
NEUWALME has the knowledge, experience and equipment required to prepare and execute on-site flushing activities.
We have a range of our own equipment to perform flushing.

Monitoring, control, sampling
and oil analysis

Monitoring the hydraulic fluid status will provide you with data that can help to prolong the useful life of your oils or fluids and equipment, prevent downtime, and save on maintenance and repair costs. NEUWALME offers a complete oil condition monitoring service. We develop online systems for monitoring the state and condition of the oil that allow us to collect all relevant data.

Following installation by one of our service engineers, we can help you to analyse the collected data.
With our extensive knowledge, we can also advise you on how to increase the cleanliness level of your oil to ensure a trouble-free life for your hydraulic systems.

The hydraulic market accepts that 80% of mechanical failures are caused by contamination in the system

80% of hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated oil. To avoid high maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime, it is important to develop an idea of ​​the level of cleanliness required for the oil. Oil sampling can provide you with detailed information about the condition of your oil and equipment

NEUWALME provides on-site oil sampling

NEUWALME provides on-site oil sampling using hand-held devices that can immediately provide the ISO and/or NAS readings ​​of your oil. When more detailed information is needed, oil samples can be taken to a laboratory for further analysis.

Oil analysis results

The test results of the oil analysis reveal the amount and type of contaminant particles, the water content and the acidity of the oil. With this information, NEUWALME has the knowledge to translate these test results into actions. Our goal is to provide you with an action plan that will improve the cleanliness of the oil by removing the root cause of contamination. Clean oil will result in lower maintenance costs, more uptime, and a longer life for your oil and your equipment alike.