Technical services

Specialist technical services

Sometimes new technologies, stricter regulations, or the need for additional functions require system modifications.

Engineering and R&D

Our team of system and service engineers can review your system for the solution you need, be it lower power consumption, lower environmental impact, longer uptime or efficiency, or longer durability.

We develop and create solutions to improve performance, extend the useful life of installed equipment and carry out the necessary modifications so that new components can be installed in new machines.

We have the ability and tools to design a custom solution that is tailored to your needs.

Engineering is at the heart of Neuwalme, the area where technical developments and value for our customers is created.

With our own team of engineers and designers, we carry out all stages of the development of equipment and installations, from oil-hydraulic, pneumatic, mechatronic and automatic engineering, to 3D mechanical design, manufacturing and assembly plans and spatial designs for on-site assembly.

We use the most advanced software for 2D and 3D design, as well as for the development of oil-hydraulic systems, generating all the technical documentation necessary for approval by the client and the implementation and certification of the systems.

We carry out both standard equipment developments as well as custom designs based on customer requirements, providing value-added solutions that allow us to optimise system operation, reduce energy consumption and meet the highest technical requirements.

We work to comply with the most demanding technical regulations, with 3.1, 3.2 and type approval certificates for components, as well as tests and certifications with internationally recognised classification entities (ABS, Bureau Veritas, CFS, DNV , KR, Lloyd’s, Rina, Russian Register, etc.)

Research, development and constant innovation are the fundamental principles of our company to offer the best technical solutions to our clients.

Installation and assembly of pipes (Piping)

Manufacture and on-site assembly of complex high-pressure hydraulic piping systems (up to 420 bars) and diameters from 6 mm to 90 mm by bending and forming

Low-pressure hydraulic piping, diameters up to 12” bent or welded

High-pressure pneumatic piping (up to 300 bars) in steel

Low-pressure pneumatic piping (up to 168 mm) with Transair system

High-pressure water installations (up to 315 bars)

Low-pressure water installations with x-press system and fire extinguishing water mist installations.

Neuwalme uses connection systems by fitting Parker EO2 and EO2 form, patented Parker-Hannifin system with zero leakage and type approval for high-pressure installations up to 42 mm in carbon steel and stainless steel.

We also use mechanical assembly systems such as Parflange F37 and high performance HPF, for applications with large diameters and special technical requirements, with formed or machined joints and fasteners by means of SAE ISO 6162 flange or ISO 6164 square flange. TIG and MIG/MAG welding is used in low-pressure installations with large-diameters, which are approved and subjected to non-destructive quality checks.

All circuits are subjected to dry cleaning processes using the Ultra Clean system; oil-flushing with high flow Neuwalme equipment to ensure a Reynolds number >4000, reaching contamination levels lower than level 4 on NAS 1638; pressure tests up to 600 bars, tests with classification entities and performance tests with the customer, while meeting the highest technical and quality requirements.