Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical control and mechatronics systems

At NEUWALME we can custom manufacture any hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical control or mechatronic system to meet customer requirements. Our solutions are designed, manufactured and assembled internally to guarantee a perfect integration with existing systems or new projects of machines and systems. We can also convert your specific requirements into bespoke designs. Our designs are focused on operational reliability and energy efficiency, to ensure a cost-effective solution.


Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

For every situation where you need hydraulic engineering and electrical control systems, NEUWALME can provide a reliable, high-quality and robust solution. With our extensive experience, we create customised solutions that comply with certification authorities and their technical specifications. When a turnkey project is required, we have the ability to engineer hydraulic, mechanical and electrical projects.

Our in-house engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities allow us to create a wide range of integrated systems solutions that can increase your efficiency and provide you with the added value that you expect from a supplier.

Our systems are equipped with components from the best global brands. NEUWALME represents leading global firms such as PARKER, RMF, SUN, HAWE…

Valve blocks (Manifold)

Valve blocks or ‘Manifolds’ are used for compact and complete hydraulic control systems or as modules for specific functions. In addition to developing complete hydraulic applications, we design Manifolds in-house with special design software.


– Compact manufacturing

– Reduction of possible leakage points

– Cost reduction due to reduction of connectors

– Fast modification of functions due to use of modular blocks

– Wide variety of materials: aluminium, cast iron, steel or stainless steel.

– Protection against corrosion through a wide range of surface treatments

– Standard or customer-specific final tests

– Short delivery times for prototypes and small series.

Pneumatics and compressed air networks

Pneumatics is the technology that channels compressed air as a mode of energy transmission to move and operate mechanisms.

Neuwalme designs and manufactures industrial pneumatic systems, including pneumatic control panels and distribution networks with TRANSAIR system.

In addition, we sell the entire range of basic components for industrial pneumatics:


  • Air treatment systems, assembly and accessories: regulating elements, air filtration systems, lubrication components and drying systems.


  • Valves and control systems: with mechanical, pneumatic or electrical actuation, electro-pneumatic pressure regulating valves, modular valve holder systems with all functions, fieldbus connections, etc.
  • Pneumatic cylinders: compact, standardised large dimensions, rodless cylinders with a guide for high lifts, Clean Design ISO cylinders for the food industry, etc.


  • Special pneumatic fittings. This is all joined by elements for special applications such as load handling, using clamps, claws, cradles, suction cups, handling modules and vacuum systems.


Electrical control systems

Innovative and customised automation solutions for hydraulic systems for the naval, offshore, food, industrial sectors, etc.  We have in-depth knowledge and experience in hydraulic and automation systems, allowing us to offer our customers advantages in time and cost savings while looking for the best possible solution for you.

Products from the best brands guarantee worldwide availability and technical support. The control systems are built according to the latest guidelines and standards, and are delivered with the corresponding technical documentation:

– Turnkey project management.

– Hardware and software engineering

– Manufacture of control panels

– Installation and commissioning

– Service and maintenance



This is the technical area that combines elements of mechanics, electronics and industrial automation, developing mechanical applications integrated with electronics.

Hybrid solutions that allow for substantial performance improvements, energy savings greater than 50% and connectivity for Industry 4.0.

Neuwalme provides solutions in mechatronics by supplying components, actuators and control elements for its integration in all types of machines and systems:


  • Linear actuators with piston rod for forces up to 114,000 N and strokes up to 2,000 mm.


  • Controllers for servomotors up to 109 kW, with Hiperface DSL, various fieldbuses and extended safety technology.


  • Automation controller with CNC capability, open PLC, real-time motion control and visualisation.


  • Rodless linear actuators for forces up to 5,500 N, strokes up to 7,000 mm and load capacity up to 40,000 N.


  • DC servomotors up to 19.2 Nm.


  • Electrical panels and monitoring and control equipment.
  • Frequency converters for power ratings from 0.20 kW to 1,000 kW and up to 1,500 Hz frequency.


  • DC regulators up to 1,950 amps and up to 690 V.


  • AC servomotors up to a torque of 285 Nm and speeds up to 10,000 RPM.