Sale of elements and components

A key part of our customer service is the sale of technical components and specialised spare parts for industrial applications:


Pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, accumulators, coolers, piping and connections, filters and noise suppressors


Legris piping and connections, valves, actuators, Transair networks, air treatment (dryers, filters, coolers, N2 generators), handling and vacuum.


ELECTROMECHANICAL actuators, rodless actuators, variators, servomotors, regulators, controllers, reducers and control elements.

Lubrication and greasing

Dispensers, distributors, spray nozzles, micro-pumps, centralised and automated greasers.

Measurement and analysis

Digital flowmeters, pressure and temperature sensors, pressure transducers with display, oil life sensors, portable data acquisition devices with analogue and digital inputs.


Suction, pressure and return filters, duplex filters, interchangeable filter elements, oil microfiltration with radial technology, particle analysers and continuous pollution counters.